Tinder: 10 tips for better profile pictures

OK, I know what you are going to say. You are going to say – OMG are you on Tinder? (If you have been living under a rock – Tinder is a hugely popular online dating app.) Well let me put this a little in perspective – I recently spoke with some people about Tinder. Not that we are seriously looking for dates (or maybe some of us are) but the popularity of this app is intriguing me so I had to check it out. Just a little warning – if you want your self-confidence diminished in no time – Tinder is for you.

Tinder is highly focusing on what you look like (no luck there then) – and you can either swipe people to the left (meaning: you might be a lovely guy but nah – let’s not meet) or to the right (oh you look alright – shall we have tea?). In this fast-moving world we live in now this is the way to judge or getting judged. So if you are into Tinder there is no need to emphasize the importance of a proper profile picture.

After some Tinder experimenting – checking profile pictures have been entertaining to say the least but mostly for the wrong reasons. So people of the Tinderverse – let me share a few tips regarding profile pictures with you.

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No romance

The cookie, which fitted well in the Love is Actually all around series made the day already brighter, yesterday.

And then I got (t)his mail. Another response to my “who wants to drink a cup of coffee – but no romance” ad. And I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea. But that made the title a bit long, so I left it out. And “no romance” because I am not in the mood to make things complicated. Life is fine as it is right now, more than fine actually, it’s close to perfect, and me and Davy are getting along more than well. So, why bother. But this mail.
I am 42.
Blimey, the magic number.
I am Scottish.
Like David Tennant Scottish? Have you heard him talk? I melt when I hear him talk.
And since I’m coming directly after work, unfortunately, I am wearing a suit.
Unfortunately? A suit? Wait a minute. Who set this up? When I say “no romance” don’t send me a-Scot-in-a-suit!

Davy, a proud Scot himself, has, of course, his doubts about all this.
“I better come with you” he said.
“No, no, no need to” I said “You know, one : “no romance” believe me, and two : you have organ class that evening”.
I think I heard a quiet “Ahrr”.