• I saw My Zinc Bed on BBC2. It was originally a play by David Hare, who now adapted it for television.

    The problem with theatre plays being adapted for telly is that there is so much talk in them. My Zinc Bed was no exception. And despite an interesting cast (Paddy Considine, Jonathan Pryce and Uma Thurman) it did not manage to pull me in. I made it to the end, but didn’t feel touched. I think they should have left it as a play. And I also felt that Paddy Considine was completely wrongly casted.

    Clearly my interest for David Hare plays have been awakened by both The Vertical Hour (Nighy) and Amy’s View (Felicity Kendall), which I both saw and loved.

  • I saw Get Smart with the lovely Steve Carell. He is a master of dead pan comedy and great to watch, but the rest of the film was a bit, ehrm, predictable. Let’s have Steve do a rom-com again, as he does that so well.
  • I still have problems sitting. The stitches will be removed on Monday, so hopefully things will improve after that. And I also might get rid of my new nickname then: Frankenstein
  • The Portobello Filmfestival starts tonight. A big part of it is held in Westbourne Studios, which is where I work. I am not planning to see much, but will for sure try to get a ticket to Hammer&Tongs, an evening about the work of the geniuses behind both the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy film and Son of Rambow. Wicked.
  • Only 16 nights until my holiday. You so don’t care about hearing that, but it’s what keeps me going.

And yes I am still working on my film.

The Vertical Hour – a review, and a simple twist of fate

The Vertical Hour - Bill Nighy

After nearly 2 weeks, digesting both the trip and the play (I still haven’t really landed in London yet, it’s a weird feeling), it’s time for a personal review of The Vertical Hour. I warn you up front, it has become a long post, that’s what happens when my heart takes over from my head. If you haven’t seen the play you might not be interested in reading it at all. If you still have to see they play (lucky you) you might want to wait reading it until you have seen it, although I promise not to tell you how it’s ending. I felt the need to write it down, so here you go. And there is a beautiful song to hear in this post, I promise you that.
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I’m in a New york state of mind

The Vertical HourBut I know what I’m needing
and I’m not going to waste more time
I’m in a NewYork state of mind.

It was so easy living day by day
out of touch with the rhythm and blues
Now I need a little give and take
the New York Times and the Daily News, ohh

Comes down to reality and its fine with me
cause I’ve let it slide
I don’t care if it’s China Town
or up on Riverside
I don’t have any reasons
cause I’ve left them all behind
I’m in a New York State of mind …

I just spent an enormous amount of money.
On 2 tickets.
For a theatre show.
In New York.
Around christmas time.
It has Bill Nighy in it.

I am nearly dying of happiness here.

Christmas time in New York, I wonder how that is going to be.
Now I all I need is a planeticket, and a place to sleep there.

Oh, 2 tickets you might wonder?
Yes. It is for 2 different dates. One time just isn’t enough.
Call me crazy. Go on. I am crazy. Still. Crazy.

Going crazy in an internetcafe gives you a lot of attention…