Freebie to download: Free notecards and envelopes printables

I have distracted my brain a bit and designed four small notecards and envelopes to go with it. (See the not so great photo above, they look better in real life!)

I kept the design simple (I like simple designs) and am quite happy with the result.

If you like them, you can download them here for free and print them on your printer, they are free for personal use.

There are four different cards, and they both come as a single card and as a double card. And there are two types of small envelopes to go with it.

You could use them as a card to go with a present, or you can hide them in the lunch box of the person you love, or hide them inside a book the next time you swap one! The possibilities are endless really!

All files are in PDF format and can be printed on most (colour) printers.

You can download all files in one handy zip file :

download the zip file (ca. 800k).

I can recommend to print them on a little bit thicker paper. If you are making the envelopes, fold the foldable parts along a ruler or even better, first carefully cut (carefully, don’t cut through the paper!) along the fold marks with a hobby knife or pair of scissors for a sharper cut.
Use a bit of glue or double sided tape to put the envelope together.

Let me know if you like them!

Download free Coldplay album and sing

Now I am not a major fan of Coldplay, but I do love some of their songs.

The friendly chaps of Coldplay have just released a FREE live album. Yes you read that right, FREE and LEGAL.

You can download it here (for as long as it lasts).

And even though you might not be their greatest fan, it is worth downloading for the live version of Viva La Vida. If that huge crowd singing along on this song doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what does.

The album is in MP3 format.