Bring on the pink paint

Already long before I had my own place to live and long before I moved into my own appartment I knew that one day I would like to paint my front door pink. I got hugely inspired when I saw this photo, I just had to wait until I had my own place (and no landlords prohibiting it) to actually be able do it.

Yesterday was the time.

The pics are not great, but this is the before photo:

Front door - before

En here is the after:

Front door - after

With the first couple of strokes I thought – wow, this is very pink! But now that it is done, I love it. It goes well with the grey and it is much better than the yellow colour it was before. (You can’t see that on the before pic, as it was already grounded with white paint there).

What do you think?

How to cosy up your home

It is slowly starting to look like a real home.

New York I painted the below half of my entrance walls grey, it makes it look a bit more sophisticated (and will go well with pink, which is the colour I will paint my front door!). And I put up some small frames with photos of a place I like – New York (bought those small canvasses for a few euro in a discount shop – they look great though). I will add some London and Denmark bits somewhere in my place too.

These two are tweeting around in my kitchen, holding my towel and tea towel. Aren’t they cute birdies? (They are from Qualy)

Organizing tree
This tree is located on the wall in my entrance. A good place for my keys, and postcards and other stuff. And – isn’t that a ticket for a tv-2 concert in the Opera in Copenhagen? Yes indeed it is! I am off for a short weekend trip this coming weekend. I look forward to both seeing tv-2 again (it has been too long!) and meeting some old Danish friends too.

TV-2 is playing a special release concert for their upcoming album Showtime, they play in the Opera house in Copenhagen, a really wonderful building, and reason enough for me to fly over for a weekend to go and see them. Here is their new single and a very cleverly made black and white video. Good to see that Steffen Brandt still has that grin on his face.

Sleeping in a new home

Sleeping in a new home is always a bit special. Especially when your bed collapses in the middle of the night when you are sleeping.

Which made me think of two things:

  • How can it be that it didn’t collapse the first night I slept in it?
  • I am not the DIY master Jedi I thought I was. (half of the nuts and bolts needed to keep the together were still laying on the floor!)

So yes I am sleeping in my new house. I did assemble the bed correctly now, so hopefully tonight will go better.

Most of the work is done but I still need to:

Put protection laquer on my dinner table
Paint the colour stripes on my wall
Paint 5 meter of book/photoframe/other things shelf white

I’ll take some photos when all is done. And I will also post the photos of my sofa which had to be lifted onto my balcony by a huge crane (as it was too large to be carried up the stairs – nice way to let the neighbourhood know !)

Home work III -nearly there

Bedroom with Pirates of the Carribean blue wall

Mini garden

There is progress.

All the paint work is done, wowee! Except the stripes in my living room, but that’s not a lot of work and will be done next week.

I have assembled 4 closets. There are two more Billy’s to assemble, that should be a breeze (with a name like that).

The floor has been installed. (Color: weathered oak (grey-ish))

I have a livingroom with a pink chair and two glossy white coffee/tea tables. My dinner table is waiting to get up and my dinner chairs (I ordered an ice blue, purple, orange and grey one – to keep it colourful) are hopefully delivered next week too.

I have a sleepingroom with a Pirates of the Carribean blue wall and 4 closets. And funky curtains!

I have a terrace with flower bulbs, the snowdrops are nearly blooming.

Tomorrow the movers will deliver the rest of my things so I will be reunited with my stuff.

Tuesday my (grey) sofa will be delivered.

Hopefully on Wednesday it will look like a real (ish) home. I really look forward to have some relaxing time on my new sofa having a tea and watching, well Inspector Lynley perhaps on Wednesday? Making a new place your home is a big job but the end is in sight.

How are you all doing?


Home work II

Empty new house

I can’t look more depressing than it does now can it? It will only get better from now on. At least it is stripped if any sign of previous inhabitants now, ready to be built up again.

The old laminate floor has now been completely removed too.
And I have the plastic wrapped pink retro chair and a great solid oak (light colour) dinner/coffee/hygge/cosy table in a card box standing in my basement – waiting to come upstairs to my living room. Before they can come up – I have 4 days (Sat-Sun and Wed-Thu) to:

  • paint my sleepingroom (walls and ceiling)
  • wallpaper 2 walls in my living room with glassfiber (so I can paint them too)
  • paint my living room (walls and ceiling)
  • paint my kitchen ceiling

Will I make it in time?

And what do you think about these colours – are they too “cold” for a living room and should I go for the pink/orange ones? (White wall and three stripes over the length of one wall is the basic idea)

Alternative – leave the walls white and put up some colourful posters in stead?


Home work – part I


Making a place your home needs a lot of:

Endless trips to the DIY shops
Hole filling
Red (no really!) Carpet removal
Laminate floor removal
New floor installation (this will be done for me thank goodness)
Wall painting
Wall papering
Decisions on what colours to put on the walls (any ideas?)
Loads of Radio Rock

Current status: carpet gone, old wall paper gone, one (smallest) room painted.

Today’s planning: pick up my new pink retro chair (will be stored in the basement until the painting is done).  Paint the second room.

The Castle revisited

I survived a couple of hours of “assemble IKEA furniture” torture (those are the moments where a man could come in handy I admit) and now I am sitting close to Jonas, and that’s very, ehrm, comfortable. I didn’t know I missed him this much until he got here, now I am sure I won’t ever let him go again.

You already knew how one side of my castle looks like (the large images are gone because of a genius thing I did. Not.) Today Jonas came, and the other side of the castle now looks like this.

When I moved in here my walls were empty and white. The wall you are looking at here is my “good memories” wall. I admit that Dr. Who doesn’t really belong there (but I like David Tennant, and this was the very first thing I hung up, because I didn’t have anything else), but the rest of it is either theatre flyers and some postcards from films. There is a bit (or 2) of Bill, a pic of The Cafe, Kevin is there and John Simm, Tom Hollander and Michael Palin is there somewhere too.
On my desk there is Bob (and inside Bob there is Bill!) and Daniel (Craig) if you look closely.

I can hear you think – that’s not a lot of Bill on the wall now is it? No it isn’t is it. So maybe I am not as crazy as you thought anyway.
What? A picture of the other 2 walls? Can’t do that mate.