A room with a view

Taken while sitting on my bed yesterday. The moon looks huge, doesn’t it?

Other short notes:

  • We loved G-Force. I mean what is not to like, it’s talking guinea pigs! And mice! And a mole! And it is Bill in 3D. Apart from the slightly over the top Transformers like scene it was very enjoyable. The guinea pigs look great and I am sure children will love it.
  • And we really liked The Proposal too. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for rom-coms, and there is a really cute dog in it too! One of the best rom-coms this year, together with Last Chance Harvey.
  • And we found the best ice cream shop in London. Look no more, here it is : Gelato Mio. They have 3 shops, one in Notting Hill, one near Trafalgar Square and one in Holland Park. They are worth a visit, really.
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But I just can’t seem to get enough of

There are many transport possibilities to get to my new office, and I have been trying a few of them already this week. There are people who want to get home after work as soon as possible, and there are people who actually enjoy taking buses they’ve never taken before crossing through areas in London that were still undiscovered. It’s a great way to get to know the city.
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The mango blaster

One of my favourite spots to sit and watch life go by is on the southbank of the Thames. Just on the left side of the Hungerford bridge, there are some cafe’s, a bookshop, it’s close to the National Film Theatre, and they have some excellent banks to sit on. The perfect spot for people watching. The perfect spot to see the sun go down, silhoueting the London skyline. The perfect spot to get rid of some stress after a hard day of work. The perfect spot to read. The perfect spot to eat an icecream, if I had one.
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