The Icestorm

The Icestorm
The trees wrapped in ice (Click for larger version)

I know that the trees don’t like it, but it is such a beautiful sight. And apart from that, it makes such a nice sound too, the clickering of the branches when the wind gently rocks them.

I have been walking to work since I kissed my friend goodbye, but this kind of weather makes that pure pleasure. This morning I passed a lot of people who were trying to remove the thick layer of ice that had wrapped their cars at night. They were annoyed and angry, and stressed. I passed them with a smile on my face. In this weather everybody is late for work, so why not relax and enjoy it in stead.

It’s cold in Denmark, below zero in the daytime, and there is still a lot of snow laying around. I love a real winter like this.

They now are officially looking for a replacement for me (at work that is), and it is somehow a weird feeling to see the job being posted on websites. As if I suddenly realize that there now really isn’t any way back. Not that I want a way back, I can’t wait to get to London, but still, it feels like losing ground a bit.

So if you want my job, I can send you a link :-).

And 43 days …