It’s Monday

Who is it?

When I was doing the Roosevelt Island aerial tram, I took some pictures while looking down. My idea was to take some of the yellow New York taxis, and I did while hovering over them, and on one of them this bloke walked into my picture.

Again, I didn’t notice anything at the time, I was way too busy to get over this exhausting experience of being high. However, when I looked at this picture a bit closer, I found that this man looks very much like someone I know well.

I won’t mention his name, just to see if you think so too, because maybe it is just my (too) lively imagination (again). And I am not even sure if he was in NY at the time I was there.

But don’t you think he looks quite a bit like ….

(In the photoblog: A picture of my favourite building, up close.)