Bored is boring

The red door, Notting Hill
The red door, Notting Hill

You are seriously bored when:

  • None of the 421 songs on your iPod seems worth listening to.
  • You start reading the mails in your spam filter.
  • You check your watch too often. And because you can’t believe that only this few minutes have passed since you last checked it, you check the clock on your mobile phone as well. Only few minutes had passed indeed.
  • You keep making cups of tea, even though you are not really thirsty.
  • You keep eating sweets, even though they are nearly coming out of your nose.
  • You make lists of things you do when you are seriously bored.

Things that at those moments save the day:

  • Eatable Bill “Davy Jones” Nighy’s in the Marks & Spencer. They are back!
  • A ticket to the day before the official premiere of Pirates in the Odeon, 24 days from now.

The truth is, I want to tell you something, but I can’t just yet.

The Fool On The Hill

I know I complained about it, but even though the weather was as good as it can be, I stayed inside to watch Holland – Serbia/Monte Negro at 3pm. 3pm UK time that was, which was about an hour too late, so I missed the first half. I keep forgetting that I am living in another timezone now.

After this act of misplaced nationalism, I needed some fresh air. And I knew where to get it. Hopping off at Belsize Park (Northern Line), I began walking, on my way to Hampstead Heath (a big park in the north of London).

But just before the real climbing began (I was heading for Parliament Hill) I needed some water. And how convenient – I passed a Marks & Spencers.

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