A brand new day

Pedro mentioned this song on Twitter this morning, and I simply had to dig up that song. Try and sit still why listening to it, I certainly can’t. Nor can I listen to it without a smile on my face, it is the perfect mood buster.

If you want to see the the original film clip, it’s here . Thanks @Pedro! (Youtube possible removed it because of copyright issues, so you have to go through some ads to get to it).

Any more tips for songs that can boost your mood?

Have a good Sunday!

Download free Coldplay album and sing

Now I am not a major fan of Coldplay, but I do love some of their songs.

The friendly chaps of Coldplay have just released a FREE live album. Yes you read that right, FREE and LEGAL.

You can download it here (for as long as it lasts).

And even though you might not be their greatest fan, it is worth downloading for the live version of Viva La Vida. If that huge crowd singing along on this song doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what does.

The album is in MP3 format.

7 to groove you out on a Monday

Red iPod

“List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.”

I found this meme somewhere on the net, but I can’t remember where. I have included links to the songs on Youtube, so get your dancing shoes and start grooving.

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If inspiration hits you, don’t go home



So while you surely are at home, having a nice dinner, enjoying the weekend – I am still at the office. I am the only person in the office. And I am not working, not on work work anyway.

But I found a new song today, I am going to write a bit more about that at some point, because it is a nice story in itself, and that song made me pick up my pencil.
At last, I hear you think.
Yes at last.
I found 2 loudspeakers which I plugged into my (RED) iPod so there is great music.
I have Yorkshire Tea The Milky Way.
I have a pack with 4 3 Twix bars.
I have my Cookie script.
I have Bill keeping a weather eye on the horizon, making sure I am not going into too deep waters just yet. Or eat too many Twix bars.
I have a pencil and paper, and most importantly – I have inspiration.

I don’t know how long I am going to stay here, drawing, but it might take a while. This is good. And – where would we be without music to inspire us.

May you have a great weekend.
Don’t feel sorry for me sitting here, the kick of inspiration hitting you like lightning is nearly as good as, erhm, you know what. Really.

Inside my head

Great. Typical.

Before you start – I know that you write SCRIPT with a T in the end. I think this really stresses the point of this post: memory overload.

I promise, that soon, when I have cleaned up a bit in my head, I will write some proper posts again. Maybe. Probably.

In the mean time listen to this beautiful piece of music.
It is film music. Of course it is, it’s from Serendipity and it is magical.

It’s called January Rain (it is by David Gray) which is a pretty appropiate title if you live in London.


I bring it to you

My head is somewhat full with joyfull things at the moment, which is good, but that means that the words don’t really want to get out right.

So in stead of giving you some crapilicious writing, I give you the song I have been trapped in for quite a while now. And if you were in London, peeking through my blinds at the late hours of day, you could see me dancing (in the most pathetic way of course) on it way too often lately.

I thought you might like to dance a bit too, so press play and get ready for some UK funkiliciousness:
[audio:Infadels – Love like semtex.mp3]

(They (the funky Brits) are called the Infadels, and I think semtex is the perfect metaphor for a thing that can have as explosive an effect as love)

I’m at my feet now
but boy
I’m still falling at ya

Dislocation Dance

De laatste keer dat ik in Nederland op bezoek was, heb ik al mijn oude LP?s en singles mee naar Denemarken gesleept. En dat heeft al heel wat uren luistergenot opgeleverd.  Singletjes kocht ik het meest in de periode waar Frits Spits nog de Avondspits presenteerde (wat is Frits oud geworden !), en waar de Avondspits ook het programma was waar je nieuwe aanstormende talenten kon horen.

Zo ook Dislocation Dance. Kent iemand die nog ? Ik ken alleen het hitje Rosemary, wat grijsgedraaid werd door Frits en daarna ook door mij. En nu ik het weer gehoord heb begrijp ik dat ook wel, het is gewoon een erg vrolijk liedje, en het hangt nu ook al dagen in mijn hoofd.

Nu vraagt u zich natuurlijk af wat er met dit singletje gebeurd is, en vooral met de linker onderkant van dit singletje. Het antwoord is simpel : Kareltje hield niet zo van Dislocation Dance, maar hij hield wel van papier…