Rock ‘n Roll heroes

Rock 'n Roll heroes

There are several options here.

  • You can wonder why I have just spend a whole evening creating this. But hey, if you don’t know be my now, you will never ever ever know me.
  • You can guess who they are if you don’t have anything better to do.
  • You can click here for a larger version.
  • Or you can play a bit yourself. If you do, please put your link in the comments because we wanna see it!

Sleep tight.
Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Bill Nighy, the Opie way

Bill the opie way is currently residing other places…

And that was all she could come up with after a weekend in silence.
Will it ever stop? Nope. Get used to it.
It took me a couple of hours to work on, but I really like this one. What amazes me about this type of “art” is that it is very minimal (2 circles for the eyes and the nose), but the person is still very recognizable.

Sometimes it is nice just to work on something without having to think about all the questions floating around in ones head.

More Julian Opie (the real one) here. He also made the cover for Blur’s Best of album. I quite like his art. He is a British artist and lives in London.

Bill Nighy in pencil, kind of

Because it is that day of the year again. And because I can only make things like this with nice faces on it. And no, of course I didn’t forget Bill’s birthday. 57 today, and still the funkiest man in the universe. And the most brilliant actor on the planet.

So – a very very Happy Birthday to:
Lawrence, Billy, Davy, Viktor, Alan, Whitey, Richard, Bernard, Slartibartfast, Dylan, Philip, Mortmain, Robin, Louis, Roger, Dan, Ray, Peter, Mr. Johnson, Edward, Tristan, Jeremy, Julian, Barton, Tiger, Gideon, Colonel Osborne, Cameron, Stamfordham, Mr. McGill, Jeffrey, Lockwood, Lord Sandwich, Ian, Will, Tom, Oliver, John, Hugh, Mark, Sam, Cecil, Ronald, Helmut, Lee, Oates, Conor, Vincent, Nick, and Albert.

And Bill himself.

I love them all ’cause they
Show me the world as I’d love to see it

Oh go on then, have some Billy Mack.

The other Scot

The proud pirate

“These pictures on your wall, who is he?”
“Oh, him. He is, well he’s someone, I admire. You are related to him did you know? And he has some Scottish blood in him too, half of it to be precise”
“You’ve made a lot of artwork with him on it”
“Yes, it’s just, you know, killing time. And sometimes something nice comes out of it, and then it ends up on the wall. It was so empty when I moved in here.”
“Do you, erhm, do you ever make things like this of other people?”
“Yes I do sometimes. It has to be a person I like though.”
“Ah, I understand”
“And it does require you to sit still for a while you know, think you can do that?”
“Wha, what?”
“Favourite colour?”
“Oh, erhm Blue.”
“Blue, that’s mine too. OK, sit still then, and give me some time”
“I didn’t mean to, I mean I don’t think I will look that good”
“Oh yes, you will, now, let me look at you.”

“Here you go, come and have a look. Like it? I think you look great in blue.”
“Oh, it’s, it’s so … The hearts, are they, why, do you really …?”
“like you? I do.”

Oh – we found the nicest flatmate to come and live with us. It’s a girl, Davy picked her. And there are more good things bubbling at the moment.

Bill goes Blur

Bill Nighy Art III - Bill goes Blur
Bill Nighy Art III – Bill goes Blur

Even though I only saw him a split second yesterday (on the loose indeed, together with Alex Pettyfyer, and Alicia Silverstone, and Ewan McGregor(!)) it was enough. Enough to have me forget the things I should have been working on (the list is long), and enough to have me drawn to my drawing pad and pen and spent the rest of the evening and the early morning hours on “Bill goes Blur”. I must be insane.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
I love his glasses though.

Painting by numbers : Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy - click for the large version
Bill Nighy

After concert 5 out of 8, very late at home (03.00), waking up with a fresh layer of snow in ?rhus, I woke up late. I watched the news, I was shocked by what’s going on in the world at the moment (without commenting on it any further). I sold my dinnertable, which means that my passport has to move. And I sold my tv which is going to be picked up next sunday, just before my week to London. I have to survive 8 days without a tv, well I think it will be great.

And after all the violence on tv, I switched it off, turned some music on, and started working on a friendly face.

What do you think ?

Have a happy one

The man in the rain (the Girl in the Cafe)
The man in the rain (the Girl in the Cafe)

En dus kocht ik een kaartje voor het Sigur Ros concert. Thanks to Bill, want had ik de film niet gezien, had ik ze waarschijnlijk nooit ondekt. En laten we eerlijk zijn Takk is wel de beste plaat van 2005, en Staralfur, het allermooiste liedje ooit gemaakt.

Waar ze spelen ?

Carling Apollo, Hammersmith
Queen Caroline Street, London, London W6 9QH
op 29 maart 2006.

Ja dan woon ik er al (zei zij overtuigend).

En omdat Bill Nighy jarig is vandaag, heb ik voor u een kadootje, als u ook van Sigur Ros houdt tenminste:

2 uur en 11 minuten Sigur Ros homecoming concert, Reykjavik (video en audio – opgenomen 27. november 2005 – danish radio rocks!) (Klik op de bovenste link onder “Se Koncerten”).
(Nog te zien tot 21 december)

And a very happy birthday to the coolest man in the Galaxy.

Kicks voor niks

Pop Art B.Fantastisch, mijn kaart lag er nog toen S. vorige week in London het Theatre Museum bezocht. Netjes onder de stapel boeken in het winkeltje. En bedenk hoeveel honderden, duizenden (?) mensen daar intussen langs gelopen waren, nietsvermoedend en zonder hem te hebben gevonden.

Na de trip Århus-London is de kaart met het vliegtuig inmiddels overgebracht van London naar Massachusetts, USA. Gisteren sprak ik S. op messenger, en ze vond het fantastisch dat de kaart er nog lag. Kicks voor niks.

Mission Accomplished en closed. Wat zal ik nu weer eens bedenken.

Voor de nieuwsgierigen onder u – de kaart (S. is zoals gezegd ook een B. fan)- het was een van de 4 van mijn in een verloren uurtje gefotosjopte mini Pop Art Bill Warhol Tribute.

Wat ik me overigens nog het meest herinner van die dag van de kaart, is dat ik op Covent Garden market stond, geleund tegen een van de grote pilaren, gezellig druk met mensen, vlak bij de opera, en de zon in mijn gezicht. En precies daar op dat moment wist ik dat het wel goed zat.