Up and down in London town

It is not going that well with the job hunting, and I had a bit of bugger of a day today, so instead of words – here are a couple of photos I took yesterday night and today.

I don’t really like Christmas but the blue and white lights currently installed in the trees on the Southbank are wonderful.

A new one for the collection. I like how this sign is worn down, I spotted it in Wardour Street (Soho).

And this was the t-shirt I stared at while sipping my tea after disaster recruiter meeting number one today:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
~ Albert Einstein

I feel so connected to that statement.

Tomorrow I will straighten my back and get on with my job hunting project.

(Update: two new opportunities are bubbling at the moment. Hope is back again – and it really is up and down in London town!)

A room with a view

Taken while sitting on my bed yesterday. The moon looks huge, doesn’t it?

Other short notes:

  • We loved G-Force. I mean what is not to like, it’s talking guinea pigs! And mice! And a mole! And it is Bill in 3D. Apart from the slightly over the top Transformers like scene it was very enjoyable. The guinea pigs look great and I am sure children will love it.
  • And we really liked The Proposal too. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for rom-coms, and there is a really cute dog in it too! One of the best rom-coms this year, together with Last Chance Harvey.
  • And we found the best ice cream shop in London. Look no more, here it is : Gelato Mio. They have 3 shops, one in Notting Hill, one near Trafalgar Square and one in Holland Park. They are worth a visit, really.
  • Are any of my regular readers on Facebook? Please connect!

Leonard the squirrel

Meet Leonard, the squirrel, my new neighbour. I know that most people don’t like the grey squirrels because they are making life for the red squirrels very difficult. But I must admit that I still find them cute. I spotted Leonard when I left my flat this morning, he was sitting on the wall eating his breakfast. He stopped shortly to pose for me.

It must have looked a bit weird, me in my business suit (external client meeting today) taking pictures of a squirrel. When I put my camera back in my bag I realised that that was what the house keeper was thinking, as he was looking at me with one hand on his side. He did not look happy. He probably hates Leonard.

I think he hates me too now. He is the grumpiest bugger I have met in my life. I waved to him though when I saw him looking at me. He didn’t bother to wave back, but nodded a tiny little nod. That was probably his Britishness kicking in. I hope he doesn’t take it out on Leonard.