On the other hand

She : Lip piercing in the middle of her lip, and a tongue piercing.

He: weird metal pins in the back of his neck.
A huge ring in his ear, not on, but in, he had an enormous hole in his left ear.
Tongue piercing. And 2 very sticky and sharp pins coming out of his underlip, and pointing out.

They were obviously very in love, actually.

But how do they do it.


I mean.


(Oh, and dear readers, I have been incredibly stupid. Nothing new there. The last picture I uploaded to my photoblog, the colourful one of 2 chairs in St. James Park, well I have accidently deleted it (because it was on Bill’s site – accident 2 – and deleted it from there not knowing I didn’t make a local copy). How stupid is that. If anyone has this picture in his or hers browser cache, I would be incredibly grateful if you could send it over. I might even give you, ehrm, a kiss if you do. This is cleared with Davy by the way, so don’t worry. Filename is stjamespark.png).