That what’s his name calamari

South Croydon station
My colleagues did discover my blog a while ago already. I don’t really mind, if I didn’t want people to read me, I shouldn’t write here to begin with. What I find hard though, is that they are discussing it loudly while I am sitting next to them.
“Ingrid – You’ve been out with Davy! Ha, now we know who you are dating !!”

I was tempted to say – guys let me explain you a bit about who Davy is. But decided not to, this is much more fun. Just let them think they got something on me.

Another remark I heard recently:
“Wait a minute, wait a minute, you are going all the way to New York, to see that, what’s his name, man ?” (Add an enormous portion of disbelief here)

Wait a minute, yes, I do ! I had to answer, losing a fair bit of my respect here, and I got the “you are insane” look from them, again. Life’s tough at the office.

While I ate a few pink shrimps in the Caterham train home that evening, my eye fell on a quote in the London Paper, from that, what’s his name, man.

“Johnny Depp played a swashbuckling pirate, and then there was me, a giant calamari”.

Well this giant calamari better shows up in NY in December, otherwise I will have to have paella for dinner soon.

Tomorrow will be spend taking pictures around London, not just any pictures, but stills of locations we will use for shortfilm number 2 I am going to help out on. As an assistant DOP again, and no I didn’t write the script. I just take in every film making experience I can get, so if people want me to help out, I will. Next Thursday is going to be interesting too, as that day I will help out on a casting for shortfilm number 3. Here pairs of actors have to show their very best in order to get a role in this upcoming short. Lots of things happening on the film making front lately, good thing. Weekends are way way way too short lately, bad thing.

I go for the royal treatment

Prince Charles Cinema London
You want to go to the cinema. I have 2 offers for you.

Option 1
Buy a ticket on Leicester Square and see a film in one of the big cinemas over there. Don’t expect the seats to be great though. And expect people to be noisy too.
Total Price ?11.50-?12.50.
(Optional : Regular Coke : ?2.40)

Option 2
Buy a ticket in the Prince Charles for ?3 (50 meters from Leicester Square). Expect the seats to be fantastic. Expect the screen to show “Do not talk under the film” just before the film. Expect people to say “Shut up” if you do dare to talk under the film. I love that.

Buy some pink shrimps in the candy shop (I love them) for ?1.60.
Go to The Cafe, and order tomato soup, some bread and a Coke for ?3.50.

And after that enter the Prince Charles in a good mood, ready for the film.

Total Price ?8.10.

(Optional : Regular Coke in the PCC :?1.40)

So guess what I picked.

I am a regular now in the Cafe. And we are passed the chit-chat stadium. Now it’s
“What are you doing tonight – cinema again?”
“Which film?”
“Atomised, a German film in the Prince Charles”
“OK, describe the film to me in a few words”
“Two brothers. One is a clever professor, the other one messes up his life.That’s all I know.”
“That sounds rather, erhm, cheerful”
“I know, it sounds like crap, but it should be a good film. I can tell you how it was next time.”
“Enjoy it! And see you around.”
“I will, thank you. Bye !”

And I saw Atomised / Elementarteilchen and it was actually quite good. Movie roundup coming up one of these days, as I have seen some more. And also a bit about the strange process (for me that is) of writing a filmscript. (I have written 44 pages now, which is about half of it and it is finally taking shape).