And then the winter came

When I came home from Devon last night, London looked white. This morning I woke up to even more snow, which caused all buses to be cancelled, the tube came to a halt, lots of trains cancelled, airports struggling (Heathrow is closed), schools are closed, and children are having the time of their lifes playing in the snow. It is a beautiful day in London. I am forced to work at home today, but I will have to go for a walk around lunch, as this much snow in London is a seldom event.

Davy 'Snow' Jones

Davy 'Snow' Jones

Snow in London

View from my window

Snow in London (Pimlico)

Is there any snow where you are?

(More snow is to expected in London)


So after a visit to the Cafe, the weather being lovely, I went on a walk. Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, and left into Oxford Street. The last shops were closing after a long and busy day and it was quiet walking here. Until I heard something weird. It sounded like – a voice of some sort?
I looked around but I didn’t see anyone, it sounded further away.
“Ahrr. Get me out o’ here ! I want me ship !”
And suddenly I saw him. Davy Jones, trapped in the Disney Store on Oxford Street. Well, well.

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