SweetArts: Up is Down

Up is Down is that great moment of revelation in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. What? You haven’t seen that film? What are you doing here, go watch it, go, go, go!!

But Up is Down is also very appropriate when it comes to making a film. Some days you are up, and the day after you can be so very down. I have decided to write about the both of them, just so you don’t get the impression that things are easy. They are not. Today is such a down day.

The good

I had a very good talk with the casting director yesterday. He was very friendly, understood that I wasn’t that experienced yet, and generally he was just nice to talk to. He is off finding actors now, and with a little luck, we will have auditions on Saturday.

The bad

It seems simply impossible to find a producer/production manager. I have had talks with 4-5 of them now, they are all nice, they all like the script, but when it comes to it, they decide not to come on board. I can’t quite grasp what it is that goes wrong every time, but I am getting pretty desperate about it. I can’t do the film if I can’t find a producer/production manager. Simple.

I have put in another ad, have asked the people I know if they know anyone and now I just have to wait and see if something will come out of that.

I am close to giving up today, but let’s see if it also works the other way around, as in Down is Up.

Yo ho yo ho

You owe me your soul…

When you are reading this, we are in the cinema.

And we are watching, are you ready for this: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

And I can hear you think: What?? No!

No! No! NO! NO!! This can’t be true. Not that film again. You have seen it 15 times in the cinema already. You got the DVD! I thought we were passed this!

Yeah, well I am kind of not.

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Up is Down

Dinosaurs in LondonI was out on another film shoot today in Purley. The weather was wonderful, blue sky, white clouds, lots of trains, orange vests, white helmets and good company. And no I am not tired of them yet. It was a short shoot, nothing special, but it was a first shoot on my own. Of course there was a camera man, but I had to do my very best to make sure we shot everything we needed, to instruct the friendly people what to do when on camera, to shout “action” now and then, and generally to not mess things up.

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No we are not going to

Bill Nighy in London

I had a serious talk with my new editor and we decided that we are not going to do it.

We are not going to write that today, it is exactly 1 year ago that I saw the film.

We are not going to write that the line “I’m not the man I dreamt I might be when I was young.” spoken by Lawrence/Nighy in the film got some alarmbells going off in my head.

We are not going to write that that exact line got me thinking “You are either going to wake up now and do something with your life, or you will wake up being 80 and realize you have missed a lot of oppurtunities and wasted your time away”.

We are not going to write that acting performances like Bill Nighy’s in that particular film made me realize that film really was something I was passionate about, and that I should try to do something with that information. And another thing we won’t write about concerning this particular performance : the fact that shy people can be this cool rocked my world.

We are not going to write that exactly one year later I have indeed used the inspiration I got from this film and Nighy to reboot my life. I do now live in the city I absolutely love and I have signed up for a course on the London film academy. I have been writing like a lunatic ever since, and will do something with that after the summer too. And besides all that we have been so incredibly lucky to actually already having met our inspirer.

We are definetely not going to write that my editor and I are going to have a little party tonight, to celebrate this one year anniversary of the film, and that we have tickets for the Pirates movie on the premiere night tomorrow too. But we do hope that you understand why the film is highly appreciated on this blog, and why Nighy is a regular subject here.

And a very last thing we are not going to reveal is that the pictures of Davy’s alter ego are here, if you would like to see how our mutual hero looks like. (they are not great, but ok, and on the last picture you find Johnny too).

It’s nice to have an editor, he’s good company and posts get a lot shorter and a lot less messy having one like him around.