Lawless Heart

Love is the answer

You can pass her every day
on the street
or in The Cafe
drinking tea
’cause coffee – no
a bite to eat
a meal to go
you can’t really
take them apart
the girl’s a girl
she owns the heart
the question is
and here’s the mess
does it obey
or is it

(Notes: Picture taken passing an anti war demonstration in front of the Houses of Parliament. Lawless Heart is also a film with Bill Nighy, and a really good one too.
And to answer the question : it is Lawless).

Hello London !

Hello London

I could bore you with loads of things that happened today, but I am so tired that you have to do with this pathetic poem I wrote in the plane flying from a very snowy Aarhus in Denmark (which gave an hour delay) to London.

The plane speeds up
And it ascends
Aarhus in snow
A chapter ends

The plane slows down
Descend begun
London awaits
I feel the sun

I am here, at last. And it is good.

Happy New Year !

Happy Newyear

new things
new places
new dreams
new faces
new sounds
new scents
new plans
new friends ?
new plays
new moves
new films
new grooves
new good
new bad
new happy
new sad
new games
new rules
new lovers
new fools
new joy
new tears
new courage
new fears
new songs
new dances
New Year
new chances !

I wish all of you, and when I say all, I mean ALL, the very best for 2006. Thank you for walking along on this weblog, and for commenting and sending mails, it makes it so much more fun to write.
And 2006 ? Well keep dreaming, and more important, keep chasing those dreams. I know I will. It will make it all worthwhile, and good things will happen. Be happy. Your life is now.


Pathetic Poetry II – Offline

Nul komma niks internet op het werk, alles (en iedereen) was down. En we werden maar weer eens met het feit gekonfronteerd – we zijn totaal afhankelijk van internet. En aangezien ik dus niets beters te doen had, verveel ik u nog een keer met wat onzin. Nu ben ik weer thuis, en ben weer “on”.


we don’t remember
how to live
without being online
in realtime
we are loosers
pretending to be fine

we have forgotten
to be human
meet and talking
face to face
we are so lost
our contactkilling

we do not talk
we send a mail
we do not call
we text
we even download
our own life
i wonder
what is next

to look a person
in the eye
present him
with a smile
the world would be
a better place
and life would be