Love+Rock: Funny little frog

Funny little frog

They are Scottish.
They are from Glasgow.
They have been around for quite a while.
I am always late in discovering delicious music like this.
When I heard this song for the first time today I had to run to my drawing pad.
In between dancing I draw the frog.

I have also listened to The Murders in the Rue Morgue – Read by Bill Nighy.
I wish I could hear Bill say “Loge du concierge” 24 hours a day.
Yes I love his hat.
But his message was really more important.
I hope it didn’t snow under in the hat talk.

Here’s the song. Clean the room. Start dancing.
Tomorrow is my last day at work.

Sound no longer available.

Was this the really the best I could come up with for a post?
I apologize.

But you’re the funny little frog in my throat.
I hope you stick around for a while.

Postcard from Edinburgh

Postcard from Edinburgh

Dear readers,

We know that this postcard will arrive when we are already back home in London, but it is the thought that counts isn’t it?

Edinburgh is a lovely lovely city, and there is so much to see! The castle is amazing, the large hill (which is an extinct volcano!) in Holyrood park is absolutely stunning, there were flowers and there are several places in the city where you can get high and nighy (yeah the cinema!) and have breath taking views over the city. And the sun was shining all the time, which got us some great pictures!

On this postcard you can see the architecturally interesting building from the Scottish parliament, climbing the volcano hill, houses near the royal palace, and some beautiful flowers.

As you can see Edinburgh is diverse, and we love it here.

Love from us, actually!

The Girl and The Pirate.

(The postcard in a slightly larger version)

(and yes we took those pictures ourselves :)

Waiting waiting waiting

Waiting waiting waiting

Update : 7.20 pm

The wait is over, it’s a boy. And a girl. Several boys and girls actually.

Let’s say that the concept of a simple twist of fate is going to change a fair part of my life. More about that somewhere next week because some things need to be taken care of before I can shout about it.

But trust me, Billy Mack is on repeat here. On a soon-to-be-deaf volume. And I definitely feel it in my fingers.

It’s like wow.

Lawless Cafe

The Girl in the Bus

Both Lawless Heart (in the replay after a long time – this is a very nice British film – I wonder if it ever made it to other countries, but very recommended) and The Girl In The Cafe (what the heck I felt I needed to concentrate on slightly different things – things are a bit, uhm, mad here, and so was I, so why not, it helped) on my TV screen this evening was nearly too much to handle. Luckily there are always ways to calm down again, but I am afraid you are the ones to suffer.

(After a talk with my editor – I modified this post slightly and deleted the other one, we didn’t like it the way it was. I think I need a break from writing here, a short one, will be back as soon as we come up with something decent to write. That might be tomorrow or the day after, or, since I am planning to visit The Cafe tonight, already tonight. You never know when inspiration comes to you, but I am sure it will.)

Yeah Yeah Yeah – Go Card Girl

The Girl on the postcard
On of my Girl cards is featured on the Go-Cards frontpage. This is actually one of my personal favourites.

So – how cool ! (Apart from the fact that they have misspelled my last name, but what’s in a name anyway.)

You can send her as an e-card, but the picture is a bit small if you ask me.

I have been working on some London Girl cards lately too, some of them might popup here some time.

More about the cards here.

And yes, it’s all about Love, Actually. Love + Rock.

The Girl gets a life

In the train back home from work I was thinking about what I could do on this course. I didn’t need to think long about that. I think I know a girl who can’t wait to get a life of her own. I have no idea how much we are going to accomplish in just 3 evenings, but it would be cool to have her starring in her own (very) short movieclip. Consider this to be a very rough first sketch attempt (and I am very bad with Flash), but I do have a micro story in my head, which could be fun to make. And I think she’s happy to finally have a beating heart.

(And several messages from Denmark are confirming that the postcards now really are available in cafe’s in Denmark. And the DVD of the project is still lost. I’ll give it until the start of June, if it hasn’t arrived with the next person then, I’ll send a new DVD around. I still hope on a happy ending though …)

A minor The Girl postcard newsflash

The GirlThe GirlThe Girl

Mainly for readers in Denmark :
I just got confirmed from Go-Card that The Girl cards 1 + 2 haven’t been out in any cafe’s yet !
The Girl has only been enjoying McFlurries (as she adores Icecream) in the MacDonalds restaurants in Denmark until now.

On Thursday (2 days from now) the cards will be printed for Cafe distribution. And they will be distributed to The Cafe’s in the coming 2 months.

Sorry to all of you who have been looking out for The Girl in The Cafe’s ! I didn’t really know that MacD was so far ahead in receiving the cards.

So – have a look the coming weeks, if you want to meet The Girl In The Cafe. I have to say : I still think it’s incredibly cool that The Girl is going to be in the Cafe’s. And I would still like to hear from anyone who spots her in a Go Card stand. A picture of it would be ultimately cool !

The Girl came home

The Girls in the Cafes
The Girls in the Cafes

I admit that it is a bit crowded in my room at the moment, with all The Girls. But how cool to come home from work, and to find The Girl number 3 in my mailbox. This postcard was the very first drawing I made, a sleepless night in January. And so many good things have happened since then.
I redid the card for the postcard version, and this card is definetely one of my personal favorites.

(A BIG thank you to Gocard for sending these postcards all the way to London).

Minor update Oh I forgot to say that I actually sold my flat in Denmark this week. Which makes a very nice connection to the sleepless night in January, as I had just started selling my flat there. It has taken a long time, but nevertheless, things are going as planned. And the girl is home. In London.

I’m lovin’ it

I'm lovin' it

If you happen to live in Denmark, and you do visit McDonalds somewhere the coming period, you might meet The Girl there. Not that I recommend you to eat there too often, but the 2 first The Girl cards should be available in McDonalds restaurants in Denmark. They will also appear in cafe’s soon.

If anyone spots any of my cards on a go card stand, I would be grateful to hear from you! A picture of it would be even cooler !

The Girl in the Mc Donald’s, I’m lovin’ it …

Hello London !

Hello London

I could bore you with loads of things that happened today, but I am so tired that you have to do with this pathetic poem I wrote in the plane flying from a very snowy Aarhus in Denmark (which gave an hour delay) to London.

The plane speeds up
And it ascends
Aarhus in snow
A chapter ends

The plane slows down
Descend begun
London awaits
I feel the sun

I am here, at last. And it is good.

What do you do …

Love+Rock Postcard

I am participating in this game. Every day someone comes knocking at my door to get something from my flat. So my tv has been picked up, and the most of my lamps. So I am using my christmas lights (I feel it in my fingers …) again for a while, until I have to get rid of those too, which is tomorrow. They don’t give an enormous amount of light, but it sure is cosy. I might even dig up my Love Actually DVD and watch it. (Ofcourse that one is part of my first-three-months-in-London-survival-kit).

Radio ? Gone. Dinner table ? Gone. Comfortable sitting chair ? Not here anymore. Sofa ? Will be picked up tomorrow, so after that I have to sit on the floor. Now that isn’t all too bad, I know what I am doing it for. But there is one slight problem. Everything that I haven’t saved in other places will be picked up monday afternoon, and be sold for charity. One of those things is my bed, but I have to spent one more night in my flat monday night. Let’s see how creative I can be with some cardboard boxes and some leftover bubble plastic. Luckily the heater still works.

So what do you do … when more or less the only fun thing left is your computer. Well, you draw a postcard.