Love+Rock cards: Tea for two

I felt like drawing a bit again, so this is the latest creative mind dump, and yes I did hand draw those cups myself.

I will soon be on the tube to Heathrow where I will pick up my mum who will visit me for the weekend.

The weather doesn’t really seem to know what it wants this weekend, but I hope we can bicycle in between the showers. I say becycle because I have bought a companion for Lawrence so I intend to take my mum on some bicycle trips. We are both experienced cyclists, not so much in London, but I feel confident enough that I can guard her safely to nice and quiet bicycle tracks. Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, and not to forget the ice cream shop are all planned.

In the end it was cheaper to buy another second hand bike on Gumtree as bike rental prices in London are so high, it will scare a lot of people off.

Lots more is planned for this weekend, but I am not going to give away too much, as I want to surprise her (and she reads this blog).

So a nice weekend to all of you, and I will return with more scriblings after the weekend and write about:
Is cycling in London scary?
My upcoming trip to the US

You can send the above card electronically by the way.

The this-is-not-an-xmas-card exchange – last chance!

I am looking forward to your cards already

I have just spend most of the day in the office where I work to drink tea and listen to music, and oh to work on my card for 2008 and it is done! I am quite pleased with the result and have just send the order to the printer.

There is 1 card left available, so if you want one, read more here about the rules and send me an email if you like the idea. Sold out!! (Unless 10 more people signup then I will order extra cards!)

The people who are already on the list: the cards will arrive with me (hopefully) from the printer around the 20th of December so they will be with you earliest in the week after Christmas. Seeing as it isn’t a Christmas card anyway, hopefully that’s fine. And I will email my address to you somewhere next week. But please don’t send your card too far before Christmas, I am away from the 24th and would love to find them when I come home after New Year.

A card a day

New York cab
The Christmas period seem to have started in the blogosphere, blogs are on a temporary hold, very few emails come in and it is generally just quiet.

So I am very happy with the postcard project because what a great project this is. There has been a new card every day I got home which is great. They are all very different but they are all very creative and beautiful!

The one I got yesterday I titled: Love Actually in Paris. It’s a great picture and there is no doubt that it is all about love, actually.

I am going around with an idea to take this project a step further but that needs some organizing so I’ll need to think about it for a bit.

Remember to watch the Extras Christmas special at 9pm on BBC2 tonight NEXT thursday the 27th that is. (If you can catch the BBC on your telly that is).

Postcards and such

The cards are on their way
They are on their way …

See that picture?
Well I shed a tear when I left them in the red mailbox on Broadway (London, SW1) this morning because they were good company, but hearing the amount of giggles that came out of the mailbox I know they look forward to travel to you.

See those stamps? When I went to the post office on Portobello Road and asked for other stamps than the standard Liz ones, he said they were sold out. I said – do you know what they are for? He said no. I showed him the cards. He said – ah – we do have some left. And I said – I knew you would.

So – nice stamps for you.

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It’s Enchanting

Times Square, New York  - drawing with light
Times Square, New York – drawing with light

I have had a lot of silly ideas throughout the years but having people send me cards on the “Love Actually” theme is definitely one of the best ones ever. When I came home yesterday I found two more cards and they both brought a big smile to my face.

I present you:
Love Actually
Love Christmas Actually

I love them! They are so cool! And Enchanting! They both have Bill on them!

It’s great to see how creative people have been. And just to let you know how powerful those cards are, one of them did not even have a stamp on it (I won’t mention any names … :-) but Royal Mail did not care, they probably Love Love Actually Actually so they delivered it anyway.

Today I will start writing on the cards that I will send in return and I will post them as soon as possible. I hope they won’t be too delayed.

Enchanted was rather fun. Patrick Demsey is lovely and Amy Adams who plays the princess is perfect in her role. Great to see New York as the location for this film, and the mix of animation and real life acting was original, even though I think they could have joked around with that a bit more. It’s a feel good family Christmassy movie.

I just read that Patrick Demsey was in About a Boy too. I have seen that film several times (it’s the only film in which Hugh Grant proves he can act), but I never recognized him in it.

I have to get back to rewriting my feature script too, I received my tutor’s notes on it yesterday. The story line is fine but I need to make the two main characters talk less and do more. Having them not kiss before the very end is a tough challenge too!

Love+Rock: Change the world

Love+Rock: If I could change the world
(Her legs seem to be growing, she is unconsciously turning into a lanky girl. Nothing wrong with lanky people though, on the contrary)

Blame Bill for reading Eric. And Eric for singing this song.

I saw And when did you last see your father with Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent this weekend. This is one of those movies where not that much happens but it gets to you anyway. Jim Broadbent is playing Colin’s dad, he gets terminally ill and the film is about the last period of his life. About looking back and talking about things that have been left unspoken for a lifetime.

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