5 things about Michael Palin

1. I wondered how he would be. Would he be just as funny as on tv? Oh yes he was, he was hilarious, he has a very silly sense of humour and made everybody laugh a lot.

2. Charming, oh so charming and down to earth.

3. Little chance Michael Palin will do film again, waiting in a trailer for hours a day, he just doesn’t fancy it that much anymore. He left the door open for more unusual and compact film projects though. But he loves travelling too much to give up on those programs (and having nearly free hands from the BBC is worth a lot too there) and would love to do radio. A bit of a shame though about not doing any filmwork anymore.

4. L-o-v-e-l-y voice. (I know, I have a voice fettish)

5. John Cleese was there too!

6. Oh that wasn’t about Michael Palin. Well here then : he doesn’t want to be a politician because he hates meetings!

7. Evenings like this make London a good place to be.

8. His Diaries : The Python Years are now available in an internetshop near you, and there is a fair chance I am going to buy it.

9. Did I mention he was charming? How do they do it, those British men?