About Time – It’s Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy reunited

Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy are reunited again in new rom-com About Time. And how can that not be a good thing? Add to that the talented Domhnall Gleeson and I think we finally have another rom-com worth seeing. And the Independent and The Telegraph not slaughtering the film, I think we have something to look forward too.

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Why romcoms can be bad for your love life? Really?

Well that means I am pretty buggered. Even more so at this time of the year where I take in an overload of romcoms (how else to survive the Christmas time?).

You can read some of the article on the Daily Mail or in today’s paper version (which I happened to stumble upon at the tube station).

What’s next? Action Movies make you want to find your red Rambo head band?

Update: The BBC has picked up on it too. Hypocrites, I am sure they have scheduled all possible romcoms for the Christmas time, and Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest.

(Oh, oh, oh – the cards have arrived from the printer today! That means I will probably post them before Christmas which hopefully means they will arrive with you around New Year, depending on the speed of the post man.)

Love+Rock: Change the world

Love+Rock: If I could change the world
(Her legs seem to be growing, she is unconsciously turning into a lanky girl. Nothing wrong with lanky people though, on the contrary)

Blame Bill for reading Eric. And Eric for singing this song.

I saw And when did you last see your father with Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent this weekend. This is one of those movies where not that much happens but it gets to you anyway. Jim Broadbent is playing Colin’s dad, he gets terminally ill and the film is about the last period of his life. About looking back and talking about things that have been left unspoken for a lifetime.

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They really are my favourite genre in film and I never get tired of them, but there are very few good ones. I am still doing Screen writing on Uni, my script is nearly finished, and is currently in rewrite state. Which means reading it a million times, and polishing it by changing words and dialogue. Remember, Love Actually – 34 rewrites.

A short list of Rom coms which I think are excellent (= can see indefinitely):

Love Actually
Notting Hill
Pretty Woman
The Girl In The Cafe
4 Weddings and a funeral
Sliding doors
You’ve got mail
Runaway Bride
Bridget Jones

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The Romcom aspect of the whole story

Well now, don’t think that there isn’t anything happening on the romantic front. There is.
There has been love flowering by the counter for people with under 5 items.
And I actually already found a very nice Londoner. And he loves me, unconditionally. I am a bit overwhelmed by his attention, I am not used to all this anymore. He looks at me all the time with his deep dark brown eyes while I try to concentrate on writing job applications. He doesn’t leave my side, and better he wants to sit on my lap all the time.

We haven’t talked much yet, but we understand each other completely. Sometimes words are not necessary, especially not when we are talking unconditional love.

I don’t even know his name yet, but until I do, I just call him Bill.

Oh there he is, he just entered the room. So if you’ll excuse me, I have some loving to do.