I didn’t know I was looking for love

Billy Mac(k)

I swear. True, and I am quite sure, ever lasting love.

From the moment I decided I wanted him, truly and utterly wanted him, until the moment where he actually sat down on my lap, I guess only a few hours went. I met him, had a very brief talk with him and that was enough. He swept me off my feet. Completely. I invited him to join me on my cafe visit. We have spend all afternoon together and pages full of script were written without any effort.
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WordPress 2.3.2 upgrade headaches

Some parts are working, some are not. I am working on fixing the problems.

It surely wasn’t a smooth upgrade this time …

In the mean time, you can go and get yourself a gravatar, so we have more funky pictures when everything works again.

(I’ll fix the gravatar thing as soon as possible!)

Update: Gravatar thingy works now! I love all those tiny inventive images you have chosen!

Cool, cooler, coolest

Kevin Spacey in front of the Old Vic (Picture AP)

gregarius feedreader
I have long been looking for a feedreader that does the things I like a feed reader to do. Now I found it. I will add the sites I regularly read to it, press refresh once or twice a day, and voila. You can add del.icio.us feeds to it too, to make it even cooler. And what a beautiful default template. A real gem this feedreader with the slightly odd name.
Download here

Print your flickr photo’s as business cards
Ironically I just had a stack of business cards made last week, in The Cafe style with the big cup (from the header of this blog) on it, and in the same colours as the blog. But these moo cards are very cool too, select a bunch of your best pictures, and turn them into small business cards. I want some made from my Postcards in London photoblog. They are so cool that I am not even sure I want to hand them out.

The coolest thing of the day :
It is the 20th of September. After a long wait, tonight is the night for a visit to the majestic The Old Vic to watch one of my heroes perform in A Moon For The Misbegotten. I haven’t seen any reviews yet (it is still in preview stage), but I’ll write mine tomorrow. And I am going to see it again when it is out of preview stage.
I look very very very much forward to this. And if you are in London before the end of December, I would buy tickets for it if I were you.

Bye bye Microsoft Office

Hello Google Spreadsheet (tested and I love it, but I am not a very demanding spreadsheet user), but not the least hello Google Writely (still in Beta).

Admitted Writely (your online Word) has not been fully integrated into Google yet (and doesn’t have the google look either, but it is very Ajaxy), but it is amazing how well it works. You can actually mail your word doc to it and edit it online or create new documents from scratch. Perfect for CV’s and other documents you want to have available wherever you go.

It is also geared up for collaborative editing, and according to the website 50 people can edit it, at the same time. (they have to be in different sections of the document though to make this work). But being able to share documents like this, is a big step forward if you ask me.

Also on it’s way Google Disk, online storage and a Google like Powerpoint program.

Microsoft Office is going to have a hard time.

7 months

It took Google exactly 7 months to include thegirlinthecafe.com in the index (today is the day). I really wonder why.
I have a few ideas:

1. Google doesn’t like girls

2. Google hates cafe’s

3. Google got naughty thoughts when considering the name thegirlinthecafe.com and decided to store it in the sandbox for a while to cool off

4. Google is running a Bill posters will be prosecuted policy

5. Google is having some serious resource problems indexing the fast growing web

Whatever the reason, the girl and google are on speaking terms again. But there is a helluva lot of making up to do. Google can start by adding a Todo list to Google calendar, than I might love him again, just a bit.

London Live as I know it

Or The Girl Takes Pictures.

The move to London has awakened so many things in my life/head/heart/well you got the idea, and one of them is the pleasure of taking pictures. It’s back, I take loads of pictures at the moment. And just to keep things a little bit seperated, and not to mess up this weblog too much, I have decided to create a seperate photoblog for them. And doing it like this I can upload somewhat larger versions of the pictures too.

An evening or two fiddling with WordPress and a modified version of a very clean and nearly naked template usable for a photoblog was more or less what I needed to get started. There are still some things I need to finetune, and want to implement, but I think it is good enough to open the doors for the public.

Expect loads of underground/tube pictures (I am a hopeless tube addict), expect Elephants (oh you knew that already), expect spaceships, and expect all the other things I come across while exploring this beautiful city. Not more than one picture a day though, and no text just pictures.

Well, visit the Photoblog if you like. And feel free to take one of the pan galactic gargle blasters on your way in. Just be careful with them.(*)

(*) The Guide has this to say about the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster : The effect of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you …

Google Calendar – funky

I was waiting for it, the Google Calendar, and now it is here. I have been a big fan of Google Mail, compared to Yahoo mail, I like the clean Google interface. And even though Google has ads on their system too, it doesn’t look as ugly as Yahoo. And the design of the Google Calender is slick, and it works very fast.

I hadn’t expected Google Calender to come this fast, and therefor I recently started using 30 Boxes, which is definetely a good alternative. There are actually a few options from 30boxes.com which Google should incorporate in their product : tagging your events, and the possibility of importing an RSS feed.

Googles Calendar on the other hand looks very nice, the print options is good, it is going to be integrated with Google mail (or is already?), and it is going to be interesting if they can get companies, cinemas etc. as far as offering their events as Google calendar events to be added to your calendar. That would really be smart.

You can also share your calendar. Now I won’t share my personal calendar with you, but as you can create several calendars, I have made a seperate one for events in London, which I already made shareable, and maybe will incorporate on this site. (Yes you can somehow get an RSS feed out of your Google calendar).

The calendar is really fresh, as I have seen several changes to the interface already, seems like Google is constantly tinkering still.

I don’t really know why I am raving about Google in the first place, as my website still isn’t indexed by them after nearly half a year. Losers !

(If anyone needs an invite to Gmail, let me know. It’s needed to use Google Calendar).

Life ? Don’t talk to me about life.

The Making Of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy bookI am the first one to admit that it has been a tough week. But on the other hand, one can’t expect to have everything in place in a week either. I am not looking forward to return to Denmark at all, but I have to (I am all packed and ready to leave Woodgreen in 15 minutes from now). I know the upcoming week will, if possible, be even more hectic than this one. And in about a week and a day or two I will be back in London again, this time for a longer period. For a second attempt.
But I am slightly worried and my state of mind has been going up and down like a roller coaster, from deep down Marvin to sky high Humma Kuvula.

And what do girls do when they feel bad ? Exactly – they go shopping.

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Cup of coffee anyone ?I will never grow up, I admit it, so I like the small Messenger like pictures, also called (gr)avatars. So I implemented the Gravatar plugin, and now you people out there – sign up for your own gravatar. Because there are way too many coffee cups floating around on this site at the moment.

The picture will be connected to your email address (which will never be shown!), and will be available on all weblogs, forums, whatever using a gravatar implementation. (You don’t need to have a weblog yourself!)

You can find a lot of them (for free) her.

Zenphoto 1.0 Beta

There has been released a new version of the very funky Zenphoto gallery. I upgraded my test Photo gallery, if you want to have a look.

Big improvements since last time:
Image and directory sorting (also with drag and drop with funky Ajax)
Comment notification

And they already had the incredibly smart on the fly editing of picture titles and descriptions.

Things on its way (soon hopefully, ’cause then I finally will kick Coppermine out – for good):
Sub albums
A sexy integration with WordPress (2.0)

They are doing a great job to keep it a clean and simple gallery program.

WordPress 2.0 praise

You know what, I am going to write a post about WordPress 2.0 again. The last time I did that I got 17 comments, which is close to a record, so I finally know how to please my readers.

No seriously, I have to write a post about WordPress 2.0 because I am incredibly stupid. There you go. I am not too afraid to admit it.

The thing is – I installed the new version of Ultimate Tag Warrior on my WordPress 2.0 Bill blog, And that doesn’t need to be a problem. It only is a problem if you are as stupid as I am. I was entering loads of tags, seperating them by spaces (where did I get that idea from ?) in stead of comma’s. Now this is again a “don’t try this at home kids” one (I soon am going to create a separate category for that) . Seperating tags with spaces messes things up. And the worst thing is that I was ignorant enough to post it as a bug on the UTW forum too. And that I blamed WordPress for it of course.

Seperating tags with spaces messes up the new post preview. Seperating tags with spaces makes your tags input field disappear. Separating tags with spaces causes minimized Ajax / AZ / Crystal Palace boxes to open up again next time you edit a post. Seperating tags with spaces nearly caused all the problems I was ranting about wednesday.

So I learned quite a bit today, not the least how high the level of my stupidity actually is. And by actually seperating my tags with comma’s, I am quite the happy WordPress 2.0 user again.

So my apologies to all the people I offended with my ignorance. I can live with the image uploader, and the overcrowded dashboard, well I solved that with a hack.

WordPress 2.0 is great – and the Girl soon wants to be top of the Bill too.

The Life Chocolatic – revisited

After The Life Chocolatic I wrote to the girls of Inky Circus for an explanation. Inky Circus is a very cool weblog if you are interested in science.

They actually passed the question on to their physics buff Alom and here is what he had to say about my the Life Chocolatic incident:

This is something that I have tried to do on purpose, believe it or not. The phenomenom is known as “superheating” and it’s quite spectacular to witness. Basically, due to the way a microwave oven heats things up, the liquid is warmed up beyond it’s boiling point, without the bubbling that we aassociate with boiling. Bubbles do not form in the superheated liquid, so high temperature vapour / gas is not carried away as it normally would be. This is an unstable state. As soon as you put an object into such a liquid (like a teaspoon), you make bubbles – lots of them very quickly, they explode out of the liquid and take lots of liquid with them. The same thing can happen if you put sugar in or sometimes even if you just knock the container.

Now this is an answer that even I understand. It certainly is quite spectacular to watch, and it is also quite spectacular how much you have to clean up afterwards. But it is interesting ! Cooking without bubbling, and I didn’t even do it on purpose.

A thank you to Alom and Inky Circus for the answer.

WordPress 2.0 rant

Ok, Bill wanted to be top of the, well, Bill, and his wish is my command so I moved him over to WordPress 2.0, and gave him a new suit. I like men in dark suits. And even more, I like Bill in a dark suit.

Forget about this post – read this instead: WordPress 2.0 Praise

I have been a big fan of WordPress, because I always found it clean and simple. And it’s incredible that you can get this system for free, I am thankful. But WordPress 2.0 has given me too much of a headache already.

But first – useful Things I like:
Upgrading was as easy as 1,2,3
The theme switcher is cool
The Backup your database thingy is nice too.

Not useful Things, but I like them anyway:
I like that the admin section now is blue. (not that it is useful for anything)
I like that WordPress admin now says “Howdy, Ingrid”

Things I don’t like – at all:
The annoying amount of information on the dashboard (it’s still there). I don’t want any feeds there, I only want things there that have to do with my weblog. I read my feeds elsewhere, if I find them interesting that is. (So yes I installed the wp-admin light hack to get rid of it, but it just should not be there, or there should be an option to shut it off !)

I am maybe old fashioned, but I upload my images with FTP. So I don’t want the new upload feature taking up all this space in my post screen, I want an option to shut it off. Just like I can shut off the new WYSIWYG editor (’cause who really wants that, not me).

Well I know that Ajax is the new buzzword, and it is probably smart when used well, but how I hate all those Ajax boxes on the left right of my post screen ! And worse if I minimize them, the next time I enter the post screen they are back !

So what I actually want is an option in WP 2.0 so I can choose the oldstyle WP 1.5 editor in stead of the new one.

The new post preview – I am sorry – I don’t like that either. It doesn’t look nice at all for my template. I want to be able to select the old post preview (as in having an option to shut the new post preview off) and I hate the scrollbars around the post preview.

So if I should sum it up – I should not have upgraded at all, cause it is far more annoying me than actually making me happy.

And why should you at all be interested in knowing all this ? I have no idea, but I feel a bit better now, having it out of my system.

Oh yeah, one last thing that hasn’t anything to do with WordPress – what have I don e wrong Google ? This domain name still can’t be found in Google! I thought Google was my friend.