Snow Cake review (10/10)

Snow Cake (2006)
Alan Rickman in Snow Cake

I wanted to see it, because I like Alan Rickman (where has he been?). But I missed the early evening film, because my bus didn’t want to show up, first time I waited for a bus for over an hour. But I enjoyed being outside after 2 days in my room, so I didn’t really mind. The bus came eventually, and I went. I was there one and a half hour before the late evening film start, sat a bit on Piccadilly Circus, and then … it started raining. I like rain.

I like watching people in the rain. How they start running, or how they just don’t care. Some of them pull their umbrellas at the very first drops. Some of them go with umbrellas like mine normally looks like – the metal pins sticking out. There are golfers (I think) that have umbrellas so big that they can cover the half of London. And there are people like me, who have forgotten their umbrellas at home. Now I don’t mind a bit of rain, but this was more than a fair bit, and I more or less considered taking the bus home again. But again, the bus didn’t show up. And now there was only half an hour left, so I went to the cinema and bought my ticket. And that turned out to be a very good decision.

‘Cause there it was, the best film of 2006. And it had nothing to do with rain, but everything with snow. And life. And …

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