The small things in life

When my head started to feel a little bit less dizzy, I started to make some small walks in my hometown IJsselstein, and noticed that the small things in life are very worth noticing.

I am slowly getting better every day and I am back in London now. I am still having some trouble reading a book, or staring at a computer screen for too long, but I am sure that will all get better too. On Monday (1st of June) they will remove the dressing from my ear and have a look. But even with the dressing still in, sounds are coming through already, which is a good sign.

A helicopter

The young ones

Young swans

Mother and child

Pink flowers

Dexter in da house
My brothers dog – not at all pleased with his outfit and waiting to bite someones nose for revenge.

Very slow recovering from Stapedectomy

It is very slowly getting better after my stapedectomy operation. My dizzyness is not completely over yet but the good news is that it is now slowly getting better. It has taken nearly two nervewrecking weeks which is much longer than the couple of days they mentioned in the leaflet I received from the hospital.

I am still having trouble reading and staring at a computer screen for more than 10 minutes, but I am now able to walk around without having the feeling that I am wearing a huge heavy space helmet on my head. It is a big relief and I am sure all will be fine some time from now.

Another good thing is that there are moments where my operated ear opens (it is still stuffed with the dressing and cotton wool – that will be removed on the 2nd of June) and in those moments I can definitely hear things with it. It is hard to say how well I will hear with it until after the 2nd of June but it seems promising.

I am still in Holland but will return to London on Friday.

A big Thank You to all the nice people who left those very nice comments on the previous post! I am sure it helped!