The Sultan’s Elephant is coming to Antwerp

The fantastic Sultan’s Elephant theatre spectacle will be coming to Antwerp between July 6th and 9th.

If you want to experience this forty-foot high mechanical elephant, the little girl, and the time-travelling Sultan , well then you know where to go.

I would really really recommend to catch this spectacle. And to all the Dutch people reading this, this is your chance. Don’t miss it.

The Sultans Elephant 2

The Sultans Elephant in front of The National Gallery

So what did I do all weekend you wonder ? Well I walked behind a huge Elephant. I didn’t plan to, but I simply had to. After friday’s impressive appearance I wanted more. So on Saturday, it swept me off my feet again, first of all by appearing even more beautiful and secondly by stopping all traffic on Trafalgar Square (which is a very busy point in London) and march on until it stood right in front of the National Gallery. Incredible. Fantastic. Magical.
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No post today

Because of high summer temperatures in London, lunchbreak spent on the roof terrace of our office in stead of behind my screen, and because I am now stuffed after we just held a major barbeque lunch outside in the sun – no (decent) post today.

May the weather be as nice over at your place.

And tonight (and the rest of the weekend), I am going to hunt a major Elephant (more at BBC London) wandering through the streets of London.

(It’s a fairy-tale event for children and adults alike, set on the streets of London over the course of the coming weekend (4 – 7 May) and featuring a vast, 42-ton mechanical elephant, a time-travelling Sultan and his retinue – and a few surprises as well.)

This is going to be cool.
Life in London is good.