The Last King of Scotland – review (10/10)

The Last King of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland (IMDB), is based on the novel by Giles Foden. It tells the story about young Scottish doctor Nicolas Garrigan (James McAvoy), who through a bizarre twist of fate becomes the personal doctor of dictator Idi Amin (a very scary Forest Whitaker) in Uganda.

The film follows Garrigans work as Amin’s doctor, and as enchanting as Amin seems to be in the beginning, Garrigan soon learns the truth about him. The film is gripping from the very first moment Garrigan lands in Africa. It is shocking, scary as hell, and there are some scenes where I simply had to look away. Both Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy deliver Oscar worthy performances, it is fantastic film. I couldn’t stand up from my chair until the very last credits were rolled off the screen. And it is probably the best film I have seen, that I will certainly never want to see again.

Miss Potter on the other hand was slow, boring, and Renee Zellweger’s British accent was annoying the hell out of me. (5/10) The only highlight here was Ewan McGregor, but he couldn’t save the film from drowning in one of those beautiful lakes in the Lake District. Do not waste your time on it.