Eye’m in the red for you

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been – how far
It doesn’t matter how run down you are
Or if there’s nothing perfect left in your heart
No, it all means nothing, it all means nothing, it all means nothing at all, at all

I’m on the edge for you
Losing my head for you
I’m in the red for you
Tonigh, tonight
Until my hopes fall through
There’s nothing else I can do
I’m in the red for you
Tonight, tonight
I’m on a rescue
(Tina Dickow)

I’ll return soon with stuff that makes a little bit more sense, my head is a bit busy with my film script, travel planning and things my head should not be busy with, at all. In the meantime, London knows exactly how I feel, and I might have taken one of my best London pictures yesterday. Beautifully dramatic. The Eye was in the Red for this, and I am in the Red for you. I’m on a rescue.

Here is the whole picture. A few more New York pictures are in the pipeline, before I get back to London for a short while.

London is the place for me

London Tube At least for the next 2 days. Tomorrow I’ll leave at 10.00 am from Aarhus Airport to London. Tomorrow the Danish band tv-2 will play their first concert this year in Shepherds Bush Empire. There are quite a lot of Danes living in London, and there are quite some Danes making the trip to London from Denmark for this concert.

I have made reservations for a room in The Regent Palace. It is located just behind Piccadilly Circus, in the very centre of London. Very practically located in the heart of several tube lines.

On Sunday I have booked a ticket for The London Eye, together with 2 other people who suffer from fear of hights. It’s so high! The fact that you are inside a closed cabin will probably make it bearable. If not we will lie flat on the floor with our eyes closed. Let’s hope the weather is clear on Sunday, I’ll take my camera with me.

Enjoy your weekend!