Tina Dickow – Dingwalls, Camden

Drawing with Light
Drawing with lights in Dingwalls : Love Actually in Lights

It was about half a year ago I last saw her, in Dingwalls in Camden. At that time I had just arrived in London. Now 6 months later, Camden is a place I know relatively well, and I am no longer that intimidated by the “Do you want skunk” question. I rushed there right after work, needed something to eat and decided to give the happy hour ?2 Chinese shop a go. I hoped my stomach would be happy for more than an hour with this, and I didn’t want to know how long this food had been simmering, probably all day. A large coke in Dingwalls takes care of most of the possible stomach disturbers. Tina Dickow is magical, her songs still seem to hit something as I found myself crying more than once during the concert.
It was a good night.

Here is a bit for you to hear

(limited availability – you’re too late …)
She is touring the UK at the moment, highly recommended.

One touch can fill a life of longing
Not much is so much more than nothing
Yeah – All you need is
An open smile to win you over
One single step will bring you closer
Yeah – All it takes is one

And when you?re running for cover
And you feel the sky falling down upon you
And when it feels like forever
Since you?ve seen the face of someone who loves you

Then one is all that you need
All that you need to keep you warm
Is all that you need
All that you need to move you on
It?s all that you need
All you need is


Give in

Give in to your confusion
Every time you give in
And go where it takes you
Stand by the feeling
Even if it breaks you
It’s always a guess which way is the best
Take what you find and make it good enough

And even when you’re lost inside yourself
Even when too weak to cry for help
Even when you can’t put up a fight
Even when you’re broken you aren’t quite
Maybe it’s the struggle that you need
Something to disturb you in your sleep
A kiss of madness on your cheek
When will you see you’ve got to

Give in to your confusion
Leave it behind, then change your mind
Take what you find, let it be good enough

Hear it : Tina Dickow – Give In