Tube travel mates and Stephen Fry’s Cinderella Panto

Tube dogs

Those two did accompany me this morning on my travel on the Hammersmith & City Line. Trust me they look more dangerous than they were, they were quite cute, and a bit bored and not too happy to be on the train. And they have this intensely sad look on their face. They are not very pretty either, but I love them just the way they are. (Got that Bridget?)

And I saw Stephen Fry’s Cinderella in the Old Vic today.

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Mind the doors

I walked to Waterloo station after the theatre to get the Northern Line. I walked just behind 4 crazy (the good way) English guys who were already in a weekend mood. As they were a few steps ahead of me they could just about wrestle themselves into the train, using arms and legs to keep the already closing doors open. One of those brave boys sacrificed his arm to try to press the door open for me too, but the train doors were too strong for him. He had to give up, the doors were now closed. 4 faces were looking at me as to apologise for not getting me in.

I pulled up my shoulders, bowed for them as a thank you and waved to them. They waved back.

I was about to turn and wait for the next tube when the train driver, who probably had seen all this and who must have been in an excellent mood, decided to make an exception. An exception to the rule that once the doors are closed, the doors stay closed and the train leaves.

He opened the doors for me.
I stepped in. The cheer that welcomed me made me feel like someone who had just scored a goal for the English football team in the final against France in the Worldcup. It was hilarious, those crazy guys.

I know that life in London is not always a fairy tale, the city has a dark side too, I pass it every day. But on days like this London is great.

British men, you got to love them. Ooh la.


After the NI interview I had to get to work. Yes, life is tough in London.

I went back to Tooting Bec tubestation, and placed myself in front of the small window of the Information/Assistance desk. My eyes met the friendly eyes of the Assistance man. I asked him how I could get to Croydon the fastest way, back to Victoria and a fast train from there, or could I maybe take a train from Balham, the closest National Railway station ?
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Love thou underground

Going Underground

14 reasons to love the London Underground:

  • If you just missed a train, the next one won’t be far away.
  • You never really know for sure how the world looks like when you popup above ground again. Life is an adventure.
  • Yes sure there are delays sometimes. But I have never seen delays being notified so clearly. And why make a big fuss about them – when did 10 minutes extra suddenly make that big a difference in your life.
  • How can you ever get enough of “Mind the gap” and “mind the doors”
  • The new Oyster card is a genious idea, and many international cities could learn from it. Yes I am a proud Oystercard owner, and London is my oyster.
  • You can style your hair in the wind that is pushed forward by a train when it arrives. If you don’t need to style your hair, just let the wind touch your face. It is nice.
  • It is never cold, underground.
  • There is always funky live music on Piccadilly and Leicester Square station. It sounds good, underground, and sometimes it is more than funky.
  • The signing is so easy to follow that it is hard to get lost, or to get on the wrong train.
  • Take a closer look at the interior of the trains, and see how f.ex. Piccadilly Line (blue line) trains have blue frames, and Central Line trains (red line) have red frames. Someone has been thinking about things here.
  • No mobile phone noise in the underground trains.
  • Most tube stations are beautifully designed and decorated.
  • And the most important thing : it brings you around in London in a fast and convenient way

In other words : the tube is your friend in London.

London is the place for me

London Tube At least for the next 2 days. Tomorrow I’ll leave at 10.00 am from Aarhus Airport to London. Tomorrow the Danish band tv-2 will play their first concert this year in Shepherds Bush Empire. There are quite a lot of Danes living in London, and there are quite some Danes making the trip to London from Denmark for this concert.

I have made reservations for a room in The Regent Palace. It is located just behind Piccadilly Circus, in the very centre of London. Very practically located in the heart of several tube lines.

On Sunday I have booked a ticket for The London Eye, together with 2 other people who suffer from fear of hights. It’s so high! The fact that you are inside a closed cabin will probably make it bearable. If not we will lie flat on the floor with our eyes closed. Let’s hope the weather is clear on Sunday, I’ll take my camera with me.

Enjoy your weekend!