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The Doctor

Yesterday was the day where they removed three moles from different places of my body. I am not a big fan of hospitals (who is – but I have a neurotic fear for them) and did my very best not to have a nervous breakdown about it.

With a tube strike threatening on the horizon I left in good time just to not be late. I was there about an hour too early and decided that in stead of waiting in the hospital itself, it would probably be better to have a tea the milky way in the Starbucks next door. So I sat there and tried to concentrate on reading The Times for a while.

I entered 15 minutes before scheduled time, and of course, as dire chance and fateful cockup would have it, I had too wait there for over an hour because everything was delayed. In that hour my stomach had turned into some strange chemical factory.

When it was finally my turn I had to wear a silly hospital coat and lay down on the table. I find operations where you are still conscious scary. I don’t want to see what they are doing, because even if you won’t feel anything (due to anesthetic) I have a lively imagination. Add to that the overdose of CSI drama I have seen on the telly, and you get an idea of what it looks like in my head.

So when I lay there staring at the lights, trying hard not to look at what they were doing, I got an idea.
“Would it be OK if I listened to my iPod while you are working on me?” I asked “It might calm me down and will give me something to concentrate on”.
They thought it was a great idea.
The nurse gave me my iPod.
There was only one thing I wanted to listen to – the voicilicious man.
I picked one of my favourite radioplays with him. It’s a one hour long one (called: All Fingers And Thumbs), it always makes me laugh and I knew that I would be off the table around the end of it.

It worked perfectly. And they were faster: 45 minutes to remove 3 bits of suspicious ehrm bits. There are stitches, and it’s hard to sit, because one of the spots was right on the sitting area – but that will heal. Now there is the one month waiting time to get the hopefully “all clear”. I think I need to listen to a lot of radio plays with Bill the coming period, as the waiting drives me nuts.

Long legs and voiciliciousness obsession

Talk to me

Today is a good day. They (at work) know about my obsession with voices and they let me take care of the work with a voice over artist for a project I am currently working on.

So after I made some recommendations of which voice I thought would be suitable, it’s a trip to the sound studio today to record it.

This, for me, is one of the most fun parts of my current job because:

I get out of office.
I get to meet and work with actors with wonderful voices.
I get to listen to them in the sound studio while they read the script and the sound in the sound studio is like no other.
And best: I get the chance to exercise my directing skills (because also voice over artists need direction).

Indulgence on high level.

Talking about indulgence, it is a bit embarrassing that this website comes up as number one on Google when searching for:

how long are jeff goldblum legs

Because I am really not obsessed with long legs.

OK I am.

But not Jeff Goldblum’s!

love+rock: Everything you said amazed me

Love+Rock:Everything you said amazed me

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Because it’s a beautiful song:

Audio no longer available (Snow Patrol – Warmer Climate)

Because it’s weekend.
Because this is the visual interpretation of voicilicious.
Because he’s back and that’s exactly what he is.

Enjoy your weekend.

you are the cry that turns to laughter,
you’re the hope that ends disaster.

10 things that make my Friday

  1. DP loves SR
  2. The fact that I saw Kahlil Ashanti yesterday. See him here on youtube and then buy tickets to his show where he portraits more characters than you think is possible in this hilariously funny, but also dead serious one man show. Tickets only £10-12 for a show in the beautifully located (beside the Thames, near Hammersmith tube station) Riverside Studios. Go see it! It’s the best I have seen in a long time.
  3. The sun is shining. I wouldn’t call it an Indian summer, but the light is beautiful in London.
  4. My script page counter says 42. 42! The best number ever invented. The problem is that I have the first 30, then there are gaps and here and there some scenes, but I do have the end scene. I can do 90. I have to. The first 30 will be delivered this weekend. It is so hard to expose yourself with a new story. I hope they are gentle.
  5. 42 -1 nights until New York.
  6. The aftershave of the man who sat beside me in the bus this morning.
  7. Filmshoot is planned (for the short short) on the 21st of October. This will be a 60 second movie clip which will be uploaded for an online competition. Yes, I’ll let you know when it is up.
  8. The fact that I could order a desk from Ikea without having to drag myself to their horrible shop. Ordered online, and will be delivered next week. Finally a decent spot to write at home.
  9. Bill Nighy reads Eric Clapton’s autobiography on BBC Radio 2 tonight (9.15pm) and the 5 following Fridays. Sigh.
    And Bill Nighy returning as Charles Paris (As ever, seedy, middle-aged actor Charles is his own worst enemy: a lush who can resist anything except temptation – especially in the form of women and alcohol. His intentions may be good but, somehow, the results always go wrong.). If you like him just a tiny bit you have to hear that, he is brilliantly voiciliciously irresistable as Charles Paris. Even more sigh.
  10. The fact that I can put on my coat, step into the sun and wander around on Portobello Market for lunch in 10 minutes from now.

Questions for you:
1. What makes your day?
2. Any interesting blogs I should read? I often visit my Google reader (and yes you are all in it!), but often, when I most need it, there seems to be a collective lack of updates. I need more good blogs to read. And I also hereby promise that I will be a more regular commenter on other blogs.

Vote for Bill Nighy’s next silksounding book!

Bill Nighy and Edgar Allan Poe

Remember this?

The suggested book titles for Bill to read have been collected and the result list is made. Now it is time to cast your vote on the book you want Bill Nighy to read next for Silksoundbooks!

I need as many votes as possible in order for the silksounding people to convince Bill to go and read the chosen book. Please pop by here and cast your vote, it will only take a moment.

The last day to vote is the 31th of August.

A big thank you to everybody who has send in book suggestions, the winner of the free new Bill Nighy silksounding book will be announced soon.

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Voicilicious: Bill Nighy and Silksoundbooks

So you feel absolutely knackered with a headache and a soar throat but you don’t want to call in sick in your last week at your current job. You drag yourself to work, and after an hour the fire alarm goes. While enjoying the view from the 18th is great, walking down the stairs from the 18th with jelly legs really is not.

So it’s good there is something to get me going. They could have called it but they chose in stead. If you like your British classics, and better, if you like British actors with voicilicious voices reading them to you then is for you.

Edgar Allan Poe – here we go. My iPod is trembling with pleasure.

(If you want to help decide what Bill Nighy is going to read next for Silksoundbooks, read on here)