Cool down

Swim - anyone?

A heatwave has arrived in London.

I wonder if this is typically British, a heatwave warning with different levels and all.

Sounds like the perfect weather for a move to me. Good thing I hired removal men for it.

I used my weekend to pack everything and I am ready to go. Tonight I will meet up with Angus and the first time with Paolo, my other flatmate and we will get the keys. I hope it is going to be a smooth move, and that I will be happy there.

How is the weather where you are?

Find your shorts

London Weather

No need to escape to Turkey, Barcelona or Rome. London has it all, even fantastic weather.

And of course we are playing a football pool at work (even though a swimming pool would be more appropriate with this weather). The way we play it here : the 32 teams went in a Bobby hat and everyone could draw 3 teams from them. The person having the winning team gets all the cash.

I am quite happy with my three teams, because I managed to pick Holland (yay, and everybody knows that they are going to win this year, at least that is what I have been bragging about to my colleagues, so they better play well), France and Mexico. It could have been worse. I am not a football addict, but I like to watch things like the World Cup.