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The Girl’s whereabouts

The beautiful The Girl In The Cafe film is crossing the globe.

Read more about TGITC on tour here, and signup.. It’s free and it is fun, and everyone is welcome, no matter where you live.

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tplaces the Girl has visited already

places where the Girl is planning on going.

The Girl In The CafeLatest news (13-02-2009):
The Girl is currently on her way to Emmanuelle (Belgium) and Germaine (Australia).

Since this has become quite an international project, there are a couple of DVD’s circulating at the moment. This will both improve the speed of the project, and will save the participants a bit of postage cost.

Where is the Girl going next:

  1. Silvie (Denmark)
  2. Christina (Spain)
  3. Gregory (UK)
  4. Jill (Australia)
  5. Dwight (Canada)
  6. Jose (Peru)
  7. John (Australia)

Where has the Girl been already:

  1. Edouard (France)
  2. Nancy (Beijing, China)
  3. Aurelia (Wales)
  4. Katarina (US)
  5. Huette (USA)
  6. Tatyana (London, UK)
  7. Kelly (Greece)
  8. Rebecca (USA)
  9. Stefan (UK)
  10. Melle (USA)
  11. Beverly (USA)
  12. Reinout (Belgium)
  13. Jason (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
  14. Timo (Finland)
  15. Ava (Austria)
  16. Odette (NL)
  17. Michele (Ithica NY, USA)
  18. Sietske (NL)
  19. Belinda (Turkey)
  20. Feike (NL)
  21. Lloyd (UK)
  22. Diana (UK)
  23. Marcelo (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  24. Laura in London (UK)
  25. Knitting gardener (USA)
  26. Susan (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  27. fictionisstrangerthanfact (UK)
  28. Aukje (NL)
  29. Cally Taylor (UK)
  30. Mik (Luxembourg)
  31. Robin and Hannah (UK)
  32. Tina (Slovenia)
  33. seananywhere (Brasil)
  34. Uwe (Germany)
  35. Mark (New Zealand)
  36. Clare (UK)
  37. Laura (Chile)
  38. Our little acre (USA)
  39. Kate (Canada)
  40. Richard (NL)
  41. Kai (Bern, Switzerland)
  42. Healingmagichands (USA)
  43. Sophorn (TN, USA)
  44. Heuvelachtig (NL)
  45. Robert (Zagreb, Croatia)
  46. A painting a day by Ingrid (Hawaii)
  47. Joachim (Germany)
  48. Paintbrushfire (review)(USA)
  49. Jacqui (France)
  50. sedex naago (three women) (CANADA)
  51. Tony (UK)
  52. Looby (UK)
  53. Mabel(Denmark)
  54. WhatGreatGravity (USA)
  55. Neil (UK)
  56. Karin (NL)
  57. An invented / real life (Portugal)
  58. Man over board (New Zealand)
  59. Anna (Denmark)
  60. Charlotte’s web (Germany)
  61. soyouthinkican (USA)
  62. Zichtbare zaken (NL)
  63. Bloglily (USA)
  64. Paul (Spain)
  65. Ruud (NL)
  66. Laurie (Australia)
  67. Bart (NL)
  68. Dorte (Denmark)
  69. Nathan (Belgium)
  70. Girl Aloud (NL)
  71. Yet Another Dan (Denmark)
  72. Bjorn (Denmark)
  73. Sandra (NL) / Smile (NL)
  74. Miwian (NL)
  75. (NL)
  76. Jason (USA)
  77. Jane (Denmark)
  78. Woordenaar (NL)
  79. Anne (NL)
  80. Noviolog (NL)
  81. Robtheblob (NL)

Would you like to join ?

Read more about TGITC on tour here, and signup.

Everyone is welcome.

Love can’t change
what’s wrong in the world.
But it’s a start.

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